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[Free Web Diversion] We can provide you with a free "www.juggler.net/your_site" web address which redirects traffic to your existing web page hosted with a third party such as Yahoo! Geocities or Freewebs

We're currently offering two types of web redirection:
  • Standard - Visitors are redirected to your site using an auto refresh page (This is similar to the old juggler.net setup)
  • Framed - Your site is displayed within a frame, which means that the http://www.juggler.net/your_site address remains in the address bar as your visitors navigate your pages.
Our web redirection is completely free of charge, and is supported by love, kindness and donations - We have never, and will never, add banner or popup adverts to your page.

To sign up for your free web diversion package, simply send an email to webmaster@juggler.net telling us what you would like your juggler.net web address to be (eg www.juggler.net/your_site), the address of your existing website, and whether you want the "Standard" or "Framed" service. It couldn't be much easier!
Juggler.Net was the brainchild of Patrick Clyne but is currently being run by a group of rather lovely volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your services, or donate money toward the costs of hosting the service then please get in touch!
The Juggling Edge has loads of useful information for jugglers of all abilities, including club and event listings to help you find jugglers in your area.
JuggleHub and the ##juggling IRC channel are worth checking out as well.