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[Terms and Conditions]

:: Preamble
This agreement is in place to protect the volunteer operators who run Juggler.Net, so that Juggler.Net can continue and future operators will not be discouraged.

:: Terms and Conditions of use
You must agree to these terms and conditions and all subsequent amendments ("the agreement") to use or continue to use the Juggler.Net services ("the service"). The current version of the agreement can be found at http://www.juggler.net/terms_and_conditions.shtml. Though the operators of Juggler.Net ("OPS") may mail you in the event of major changes to the agreement, you are advised to check back here from time to time.

:: General Terms
The Juggler.Net services are provided in good faith by volunteers ("the OPS") and this is the only guarantee the OPS provide. All other warranties regarding the service, express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent possible under law. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer any third party rights or benefits. The OPS would like to draw your attention to the specific, non-limiting points set out below.

:: Changes To The Agreement
The OPS may revise or amend the agreement at their sole discretion. You agree to be bound by such amendments/revisions or to cancel your registration immediately.

:: Changes To The Service
The OPS may suspend, amend or cancel the service or parts of the service at their sole discretion, without liability. You accept that the service is provided as is, and subject to availability.

The OPS may refuse or revoke any user's account at their sole discretion.

The OPS reserve the right to remove accounts after a significant period of inactivity as explained in the FAQ and updated from time to time.

:: Your Obligations
You agree to keep your registration details up-to-date. In particular, repeated failure over time to respond to email from the OPS may result in your account being revoked and the forwarding address being made available for another user.

You may not send unsolicited commercial email with a from: or reply-to: address at Juggler.Net.

You may not post another Juggler.Net email address in any public forum without first obtaining consent from the owner.

You may not pass any Juggler.Net email address but your own to any third party for commercial purposes.

You must keep secret any password pertaining to the site. You are accountable for all actions performed under your user name on the site. Never reveal your password, even to the OPS. There is no legitimate reason for the OPS to need to know a user's password.

You agree that email sent with your Juggler.Net email address and email sent to your email address is your responsibility. Any transgression of applicable law including but not limited to laws concerning the transmission of obscene, defamatory, inflammatory or abusive material, intellectual property, or harmful artefacts such as viruses shall be the responsibility of the sender of the transgressing material. You indemnify the OPS against all such liability.

You shall not use the service in such a way that it will significantly impact the service to others.

You agree to be bound by Juggler.Net's Privacy Policy http://www.juggler.net/privacy.shtml.

:: Our Indemnity
You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Juggler.Net, the OPS, against any third party claim in any way related to your use of the Service, including any liability or expense arising from all claims against you, Juggler.Net or the OPS of any kind. If action is brought against Juggler.Net arising out of your use of the service, Juggler.Net will inform you via your supplied contact details.

The OPS shall not be required to monitor the usage of, or actions performed under, the service but may choose to do so within the limits of the Juggler.Net privacy policy.

The OPS take no responsibility for content of the service, nor the content of emails relayed by the service.

The OPS reserve the right to intercept, store, and/or read messages passing through the service if it is required to comply with an applicable legal requirement.

The OPS reserve the right to intercept and/or store messages and read the headers and attachment headers (but not body text) if it is required to investigate suspected abuse of the service or transgression of these terms and conditions.

The OPS cannot be held responsible for any action or inaction under this section.

:: Termination
You may cancel your Juggler.Net membership at any time by emailing forwarding@juggler.net. There will be a reasonable delay for the email to be read and acted upon by the OPS. After you cancel, you may not use the Juggler.Net address pertaining to your former account. Such use includes generating mail with that address in the from: or reply-to: headers, or posting the address to public forums.

At cancellation, this agreement continues to be in force, except (a) that you are no longer required to be bound by subsequent amendments, and (b) that your account and associated facilities will no longer exist.

The OPS may at any time cancel or suspend your membership at their sole discretion.

:: Jurisdiction
This agreement is under UK jurisdiction and you agree to resolve any legal issue under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant that (a) all of the information provided by you to Juggler.Net to participate in the Services is correct and current; and (b) you have all necessary right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform the acts required of you hereunder.

Juggler.Net was the brainchild of Patrick Clyne but is currently being run by a group of rather lovely volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your services, or donate money toward the costs of hosting the service then please get in touch!
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